Victoria's 1st
"Dodge This!!"
               2012 Victoria Texas Dodge This
                    City Dodgeball Championship
                    June 9  Riverside park

Everyone wants to relive their playground glory days and
have some fun!  Sign your team up for Victoria's First
Annual Dodge This City Dodgeball Championship.
Skill or athletic ability isn’t required to play.
Dodgeball is truly a game for everyone.

Dodge This dodgeball tournament benefits the youth
programs in our area. Also provides opportunities for
hundreds of children to experience sports and achieve

Childhood obesity is a real problem. If fact, statistics
show that if we do nothing to change the poor nutrition
and lack of physical activity our children are getting,
theirs will be the first generation not to outlive their
parents. Scary, huh? Help us do something about it and
have fun at the same time. Sign up today for the Dodge
This dodgeball tournament and you’ll be helping
Victoria's Youth Sports programs and continue to bring
this event back every year so we can continue to support
our sports and fitness programs to the children of our
community. Let’s be known as “Fit Vic”, not “Fat Vic”.

Throughout the school year, hundreds of local
elementary and junior high students will participate in a
nonprofit youth sports program and fitness programs
that motivate kids to exercise daily and build healthy
habits. If all those kids are moving, so can you! Sign up
today for the Dodge This Dodgeball tournament and a
percent of the proceeds go to help support one of our
youth sport leagues and also planning for the next one.  
This year we all will be supporting the Boys and Grirls
Club, they will have a fun filled day planned for the kids.
You’ll have fun helping continue to bring sports and
fitness programs to the youth of our community.

Click on Register a team to get your team entered

6 to 8 persons, male and female, competing in round-
robin pool play followed by a double elimination bracket.
We will use standard rubber dodgeballs. Most rules will
be in accordance with the National Amateur Dodgeball

The Prize is Beer For A Year!!!!

One cage, all you dodgeballers and two balls all for a cash
prize  HAHAHA good luck

$200 per team (6-8 persons)  Before June 1st
$220 per team after June 1st
$ 35 to come in as a free agent

Entry Deadline
9am the day of

Saturday, June 9, 2012
9:00 a.m. – Team check-in
10:00 a.m. – Games begin

Competition Site
Riverside Park

Food and beverage sales on-site.  NO COOLERS, food or
beverages allowed.
Richard & Esther Flores
        Terminal 22